Why We Are a B Corporation

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A B Corporation is a business entity built to serve stakeholder and not just shareholder considerations. We became aware of B Corporations while using noted consumer brands Patagonia, Dansko, and Ben & Jerry's, and quickly realized that we fit with a group of businesses who aligned their formal organization as a business entity with client, community, employee, and environmental interests. Subject to rigorous measurement standards, we were happy to sign up to be scrutinized as a business that actively manages to all of these interests and not just to the interests of the business owners.

Since we were founded in 2005, we have essentially conducted ourselves like a B Corp, so we flew through the accreditation process.

A Financial Advisory Firm as a B Corp?

We think it makes perfect sense. We became a certified B Corporation because we are acutely interested in providing a visible, sustainable alternative to big financial institutions that are full of conflicts of interest, guided by short-term investment horizons, and appear to have little overall stakeholder involvement. Being a B Corp helps identify us as part of the solution needed in our industry:  a wave of local, socially sustainable financial services firms.

We have been built with a high degree of attention to sustainability in investment management, business practice and community engagement. We are a 'locavore' alternative for people to find comprehensive, excellent service in financial planning and investment management who don't want to purchase services at a 'big box' brand name financial services firm.

B Corp Logo

Best for Workers and good for the Community

Our business practices regarding our employees score particularly highly on the B Corp metrics, indicating a firm that has been built to human scale, not just for the bosses, but for the clients and the workers and the surrounding community. We were named "Best for Workers" for the last two years, a streak we aim to keep going.

We invest in being a community resource for referral and perspective on financial planning and investment management, and we invest significantly in community service.

We make accessible a style of portfolio management focused on long-term value creation and sustainability in economic and social practice.

More Info about B Corps

To read more about B Corporations:  www.bcorporation.net

To view our B Corporation profile:  www.bcorporation.net/community/north-berkeley-investment-partners