Where to Begin

It starts with a conversation. We set up an appointment for you to talk with one of our team members over the phone to discuss how we might work together. If we both think it makes sense, we then schedule a complimentary in-person meeting at our offices with an advisor. If someone suggested that you call us, tell us who it is – we love to thank our clients and social community for referrals.

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In preparation

Ahead of our in-person meeting, we may ask you to send your most recent investment account statements. This will allow us to do some portfolio analysis on your current investments before we sit down with you. We also welcome review of documentation on other aspects of your financial situation during that meeting, and will provide you with a list of relevant documents should you choose to gather and bring them to the meeting.

We conduct our business with you with a high degree of discretion. These early conversations, as well as any that occur should you become a client of the firm, are completely confidential.

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The first meeting & beyond

In our first meeting, we'll listen a lot to your needs, questions, and life goals. We'll ask questions about your life picture that you want answered over the near and longer term. We'll talk about how we work with our clients and the services we deliver.

After our first meeting, should you decide to move forward, we meet again to go over a formal agreement to work together so you understand the details of the schedule and scope of work we will be doing next for you.

The client experience
From there, every client's path differs a bit depending on client needs and desires. During the first several months of working together we usually meet several time to go over investments and, if necessary engage on financial planning as well. The first year of working together we meet more frequently, usually, than in subsequent years.

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Finding the right fit

We provide excellent value to people looking for a long-term partner in their financial decision making that includes investment management and financial planning services and who have at least $1,000,000 in assets under management with us.

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