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Sarah Green, CFP®
Director, Impact Investing
Lead Advisor

As a Lead Advisor, Sarah helps people feel at home on their wealth journey. She does this by integrating her client's personal story with their long-term investment goals to create a sense of fulfillment, peace, and empowerment. She sees herself as a partner in understanding how clients view the world while providing a support system to implement those views into a financial strategy.

Sarah has been in financial advisory services for 18 years. Before joining North Berkeley, she was the founder and principal wealth manager of an independent RIA. She is a proponent of sustainable and responsible investments and deeply believes that we can protect the earth and its resources while harnessing the power of economic progress.

Sarah lives in Hercules with her husband James and two children. She loves hikes under an open sky, rocking out as a soccer mom, practicing and leading yoga, and building connections in the SRI community.

Education, Certifications, & Affiliations

  • B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature, Indiana University Bloomington
  • Member, US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment
  • Member, Financial Planning Association (FPA)

More about Sarah

Right now I'm excited by ...
sustainable agriculture, prison free REITs, living ecosystems that facilitate change, the ability to express a collective voice – to corporations, government and institutions that work for us. Financial empowerment of children, Food/Faith/Farm/Finance – connecting local communities to one another in support of healthy, quality food access. A regenerative economy that sees and acts in support of profitable progress for all people for all time.

Outside of work I like to...
I like to cultivate wellness through an expression of self. When I honor my inner self through early morning meditation or exercise, I can better share wellness in my work and personal life. This exploration of wellness and connection opens up many opportunities in my life. I lead youth in yoga and visioning circles, sing in the local choir, host family meals, dance in community, and build the soil of our garden. Through this balance in my physical self, environment, and community, I hope to model a simple life. One that allows me to smile with ease, to hold hands with my children, and nourish the joy of living.

The best advice I ever received was...
that you cannot lose on the path of love. Whether celebrating and lifting the accomplishments of others or navigating a challenging moment, this mantra steers me in the direction of patience, tolerance, and a broader appreciation for the experience of the world around me. I feel more connected and alive when that truth guides my way. Whenever in doubt, that advice often brings me back to center and offers clarity for how to move forward.