Our History

North Berkeley Investment partners began with a fortuitous meeting between founding partners, Kate Campbell, CFP® and Sue Reinhold, Ph.D. at a local fundraiser. After finding out that they were both part of two-mom families with young children, were both professional investors, and that they both held graduate degrees in anthropology, they began an acquaintance that led to business partnership conversations and finally to the founding of North Berkeley Investment Partners in 2005. Their individual professional paths had merged and a new direction forged.

S. Katherine ('Kate') Campbell, CFP® began advising financial planning and investment advisory clients in 1993 after completing her MA in Cultural Anthropology. Kate loves studying systems and culture and is very good with numbers, and the broad range of ways to understand, articulate and resolve financial issues. She spent time in management and then as President of a securities broker along the way, and got to know the nuts and bolts of the financial advisory industry from the bottom up. Her mother was also an investment advisor, and as her practice grew Kate extended a helping hand to her mom and her mom's clients, particularly when her mom retired.

Sue Reinhold, Ph.D. began doing investment and market research in 1993 after completing a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology. She went from studying British politics to analyzing companies, industries and stocks, and also built and managed stock portfolios at institutional investment management firms. Sue also spent time in industry, and built a corporate strategic planning team at a large, public company in order to experience building capacity inside a company. Ultimately, her desire to get closer to the people she served and to her local community, led her to the creation of North Berkeley with Kate.

From the outset of their initial meeting when their professional paths merged, Sue and Kate understood that their investment philosophies closely lined up, that they both wanted to run a business that got close to people, provided high value to the right clients, and was deeply rooted in community. North Berkeley Investment Partners was built without the conflicts of interest endemic in larger investment entities and with a high degree of attention to sustainability in investment management, business practice and community engagement.

The firm has grown organically over the past 11 years and gradually added clients, increased service capacity and built strong ties with local professionals, and within the community. A talented and dedicated advisory team has grown out of the framework created by Kate and Sue that continues to provide the highest level of service to our increasing client base, as well as a strong core leadership group to responsibly manage the firm, and drive business development and community engagement. In 2015 lead advisor Brian Kozel, CFP®, became a partner and now leads the firm's advisory team. In 2016 Sue Reinhold stepped down as a partner to pursue her interests in getting closer to change and growth in other mission-driven organizations. She stayed local and remains a colleague and mentor for the team.

The firm’s continued purpose is to provide extraordinary value to our clients, always remembering the best long-term interests of our clients, team and community. The firm is built to be multi-generational to provide continuity for clients and breadth for advisors’ careers, growing and deepening services and community involvement over the coming decades.