We provide investment management across all areas of client investment assets – and put everything into an easy to digest report so you can see the entire picture. We want to reduce clutter and confusion, and create a global view and management of your portfolio that is easy to see and to understand. Every client portfolio is personalized to the client's specific situation.

Long-term growth

We aim to offer clients a smooth ride to long-term portfolio growth. Our ongoing priorities for client portfolios are to grow the value of client assets past inflation, taxes, and our fees, and to do so while minimizing short- and intermediate-term investment downside. We find that clients' stress during market declines far outweigh the satisfaction experienced by clients when their assets are going up in value. We target outperformance in a bad market and therefore generally expect more moderated success in a strong market.

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Targeted returns
Every client has a specific annual average return target for their portfolio that is determined by the client and the advisor working together. We consider our investment management successful if we achieve or exceed that long-term investment return goal over a full market cycle.

Fund manager selection
We invest our clients primarily in mutual funds and look for managers that strategically align with our values and provide nimble and flexible portfolios for our clients that are guided by a specific set of principles.

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Values based investing

We strive to be an expert and trusted resource on social, economic and environmental sustainability in the areas of business practices, financial choices, and investing. We work with our clients to construct portfolios that not only obtain targeted returns but also align with their personal values and guide them through financial-decision making that has a positive impact for them and their community. Our approach considers the social, environmental, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria of investments alongside returns. We also have a carbon conscious portfolio that seeks to divest from the extraction of fossil fuels.

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Regular reporting

We report to our clients on investment performance every quarter, and periodically report to clients their three-year trailing portfolio performance, as well as their performance during their entire history with the firm. We always report this performance to clients net of our fees, so clients know how they are doing after all the costs of portfolio management and financial planning have been paid.