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Asking the Right Question

Asking the Right Question

We have an almost incomprehensible amount of information at our fingertips. Making use of that information is another thing entirely. In personal finance, like many other aspects of life, asking the right question is the essential element in decision making ... Read More
Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning for Real People

Faith and hope can take many forms. Belief in “big data" makes it easy to think that if you have enough hard data, the truth will emerge. We see this regularly when people expect there to be a simple, technical answer to how much money they need to retire. ... Read More
Irrational Exuberance

(Ir)rational Exuberance

Annually in January market predictions for the future abound. Reading the news in January is thus an exercise in incredulity – about the certainty the prognosticators declare about an inherently uncertain future ... Read More
Investing Internationally

Why we invest internationally, and what is an emerging market?

Investing, like many aspects of our lives in 2017, has become global. The world has shrunk in ways that Ferdinand Magellan could never have imagined ... Read More