How We Charge

Our only compensation comes from our clients. We always want our goals to be aligned with theirs and our motivation is to grow and protect our clients' assets, not to do excessive trading or sell particular products. We provide conflict free advice designed for each client's personal financial path. Our fees are based on assets under management and include comprehensive investment management and financial planning.

Tuolumne Program

Comprehensive Financial Planning and Values-driven Investing

Annual fee schedule

Assets Under Management Annual Fee
Up to $1 million 1.25%
$1 - $3 million 1.00%
$3 - $5 million 0.50%
$5 million + 0.35%

The minimum annual management fee for the Tuolumne Program is $12,500, so it makes sense to have $1,000,000 of assets under management in order to receive the best value.

The annual fee covers all investment management and financial planning services. There may be some circumstances, such as a very complicated estate, that are not covered by the normal annual fees. These services are available when needed and will be billed hourly according to the complexity of the situation.

Billing Schedule

Fees are billed quarterly and in most circumstances paid directly from the account(s) we manage for you. Our quarterly reporting to clients always shows performance net of our fees.


A financial advisory team to strengthen your organization’s mission

We provide investment management solutions for nonprofits. Please visit our nonprofits page for more information and fee structure.