Client Stories

"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms"

Muriel Rukeyser

Understanding stories, building relationships

What kind of client is a North Berkeley client? There is really no 'average' or 'typical' client. We find that clients who get the most value out of working with us do so across the entirety of their financial questions and life goals. Our relationships with clients tend to have a long life and deepen over time as we get to know each other. They are relationships built on sharing stories about goals, values and life-long dreams, all the things that make up a well-lived life.

Explore our clients' stories to get an idea of how we meet people where they are in life. There are hundreds more like them, each unique and each as important as the next.

Our clients' stories

Stories are how we relate to each other and they help us understand our client's full financial life.*

*Please note that the stories we tell here are broad examples shared after years of working with hundreds of clients. No person or name actually represents a unique client situation, as our client relationships are held in strictest confidence.