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Past Art Exhibits

Reclamation: Wilma Wyss, Lutz Hornischer, and Shelley Gardner


Selected works by Larraine Seiden, Lisa McCutcheon, and Karen Gallagher Iverson

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Somewhere between our senses and physical reality our feelings, memories, and perceptions work to derive meaning from the world. Larraine Seiden, Lisa McCutcheon, and Karen Gallagher Iverson explore the layers of meaning between us and the world through profoundly personal art.

Reclamation: Wilma Wyss, Lutz Hornischer, and Shelley Gardner


Works in glass, wood, and denim
by Wilma Wyss, Lutz Hornischer, and Shelley Gardner

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We live in a material world. Glass, wood, and fabric are the base materials for the buildings we inhabit, the wares we use, and the clothes we wear. What happens when these ubiquitous items are worn and have lost their use? They are discarded, left to disintegrate. For Wilma Wyss, Lutz Hornischer, and Shelley Gardner these cast-offs are their medium and their inspiration. They reclaim the discarded and transform it into something new and extraordinary.

Hongnian Zhang, Lois Woolley, and Renee Zhang

The Art of Hongnian Zhang, Lois Woolley, & Renee Zhang

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We were honored to welcome a talented family of artists from upstate New York to our office gallery in Berkeley. Hongnian Zhang, his wife Lois Woolley, and his daughter Renee Zhang, all accomplished artists in their own right, find their way to us through a nearly forty-year-old connection with our founding partner Kate Campbell.

Leigh Well, Diane Abt, and Jessica Williams

Gesture - Selected works by Leigh Wells, Diane Abt and Jessica Williams

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What is revealed in a gesture, in the movement of the artist’s hand as it travels across paper? Everything. Leigh Wells, Diane Abt, and Jessica Williams use each gesture in their work to reveal their inner selves and in the process communicate our collective relationship with each other and the world. Often calling on only the most necessary elements, their work is at once minimal and powerful, each stroke full of emotion and knowledge.

Superstructure - Art by Deborah Sibony and Anne Subercaseaux


Selected works by Deborah Sibony and Anne Subercaseaux
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There is the natural world and there is the world we’ve built on top of it. Urban life is a construct of incredible ingenuity designed to meet our human needs, sometimes on an incredible scale. Bridges, cranes, buildings, and towers populate our horizon, cast shadows on us, change our perception of the natural landscape. The work of Deborah Sibony and Anne Subercaseaux examines our interaction with the constructed world, one who hints at the marks we make on nature, and the other who uses fragments of intimate views. Their common subject, the Bay Bridge.

Patterns of Nature

Patterns of Nature

Selected works by Francesca Saveri and Nancy Hartley
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Something joyous happens when viewing the work of Francesca Saveri and Nancy Hartley. You experience a ‘bright moment’, a jolt of energy that originated deep in the artists, then flowed through their hands as they transferred pigments onto medium. What we receive in their bold colors and abstracted shapes is the energy captured when the natural world is translated into something personal and filled with emotion.

Irving Guyer

Selected Works 2007-2011
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Irving Guyer lived a full artistic life, working for the WPA in the ‘30s, mounting solo shows in New York in the '60s, and experimenting in San Francisco in the ‘70s and ‘80s. In the latter part of his career, living in the Sierra Foothills, and with diminishing eyesight, he produced some of his strongest work. Stripped of excess, it explores the border between nature and abstraction.

At One Time, From One Place

Selected Landscapes from June Yokell, Sarah Morrison, and Karen Smidth
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Gaze upon the land that surrounds you and you’ll see it change from moment to moment, morphing in shifting light, bending in the breeze. As grand and permanent as our western landscapes seem, they are an ever changing perception that can only be frozen in our memory or, as these artists do, in an image.

Botanical Languages

Selected works by Lorrie Fink, Sonia Gill, Lee McCaffree and Katie McCann
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Four Bay Area artists with four unique perspectives explore the beauty, mystery, and universal appeal of the botanical world. From technical to fantastic, from expressive to abstract, their work compellingly illustrates our enduring connection to a natural world. Please join us to share in their intricate details, expressionistic colors, and creative juxtapositions.


The night photography of John Vias
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John Vias’ images, taken using long exposures that freeze a moment in time, allow others to see the life and colors of the night captured in a tree’s translucent leaves, a wall’s repeating patterns, a bridge’s sensuous curves. His night watches reveal the beauty of everyday objects during the subtle curfew of the dark. For Mr. Vias, photographing at night is like shooting a movie all in one frame. Time is compressed; movement is frozen. What remains is stillness and quiet.


The paintings of Ned Axthelm and drawings of Rick Oginz
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There is a connection between the private self and the public world that is charged with tension. Our tendency when moving within modern urban environments is to recoil from this energy, to turn inward and become willfully blind to the people, places, and objects around us. In this exhibit, artists Ned Axthelm and Rick Oginz turn their gaze outward, embrace their surroundings, and explore the rich dynamics, at once fragile and powerful, of the Bay Area.

Sacred Beauty

The Photographic Images of Hagit Cohen
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In her current body of work, Hagit Cohen transforms found natural objects photographically by manipulating light, color, and scale to give them a new presence. Her practice includes walking, looking, finding, collecting, and exposing. Delicate palm tree bark turns into intricate, theatrical shadow play. Tree-seed pods open up in full light to offer their intimate interiors. Small, ephemeral objects are turned into looming and mysterious figures, arresting out attention. They take center stage.

Colores & Intersections

The Photos of Harley Jensen
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Harley Jensen is a retired architect now concentrating on his long-time passion of photography. His work is influenced by a deep understanding of form stemming from his career and by his extensive travels here and abroad. He has exhibited his work in several venues including Placeware+Lyndon Design Gallery in Gualala, California and the Emery Arts program in Emeryville. He also shows his work during Open Studios through Pro Arts in Oakland. His photographs have been selected for various juried shows. Mr. Jensen lives in Emeryville, California.