About Us

Since 2005 we’ve helped our clients protect and grow their assets in a way that accomplishes their goals and aligns with their personal values. From the beginning, we’ve emphasized personal relationships and a deep commitment to sustainability that promotes the well-being of our clients, staff and communities alike.
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A dedicated team

Our firm is built on the talent and dedication of our team and each of us, through our specific set of skills and areas of expertise, is focused on providing the highest level of service to our clients. Every client has the support and guidance of their advisor as well as the support of the firm's full team of resources.

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Business as a force for good

Since we were founded, we have been determined to provide a visible, sustainable alternative to big financial institutions that are full of conflicts of interest, guided by short-term investment horizons, and have little concern about stakeholders' interests. That's why we were so thrilled to become a B Corp and to measure ourselves against its rigorous standards.

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Client-centered relationship

We offer our clients a positive, transparent and client-centered relationship. We are independent of the conflicts of interest endemic in many investment operations run inside banks, insurance companies, and large Wall Street firms and always provide advice that is in service of our clients' goals.

We work for over 260 individuals, couples, families trusts, and nonprofits and manage over $350 million in assets.

In our community

We believe that helping build and maintain healthy and vibrant communities is a crucial part of who we are as a firm. We invest ourselves in the well being of our community by sharing our expertise, volunteering and providing direct financial support to our community partners.

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