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We provide comprehensive financial planning and investment management services that help you align your personal values and goals with your financial decisions. We are your guide and support system for a balanced financial life and lasting legacy.

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Our team is invested in your long term success. Every client works with a dedicated set of advisors that is supported by a talented group of individuals in leadership and operations.

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Since 2005 we’ve helped our clients protect and grow their assets and accomplish their goals. That’s because we’ve emphasized personal relationships, with a deep commitment to sustainability and socially responsible communities that sets us apart from other advisory firms.

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Investing Article

October 2019

The Latest Chapter in Lend and Spend

Today, there is a spreading consensus that the short term in the market is becoming riskier. We don't disagree. While two years ago, most economies were accelerating their growth, now most are slowing down. In our latest market commentary, we look at the "lend and spend" strategy of lowering interest rates to promote economic growth.

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Impact Investment Highlights

September 2019

Impact Highlights Report

In our inaugural Impact Highlights Report, we look at one practice of engagement used by mutual funds to create change within companies on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues. Direct dialogue of a mutual fund with the companies in which they invest can be a powerful tool for encouraging business practices that do less harm and more good for us all.

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North Berkeley Honored by BHSDG

A new series of Evening Ideas Fests sponsored by North Berkeley Investment Partners

North Berkeley Investment Partners is proud to announce a partnership with Berkleyside's Uncharted: The Berkeley Festival of Ideas on a new series of Evening Ideas Fests.

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North Berkeley Honored by BHSDG

North Berkeley welcomes Sarah Green and Jena Regan to our team of advisors

North Berkeley Investment Partners is excited to announce the addition of two new advisors to our team! Joining us are lead advisor, Sarah Green, CFP® and associate advisor, Jena Regan, CFP®.

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Art at North Berkeley

Art at North Berkeley

October 14 - January 10

The Places We Know
Selected work by Betsy Kendall, Ari Targownik, and Judy Shelton

For Betsy Kendall, Ari Targownik, and Judy Shelton the roads, buildings, and views of the East Bay hold a particular fascination. Their art captures layers of our urban environments and builds a record of not just what a place looks like but how it feels. Read More »

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