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We provide comprehensive financial planning and investment management services that help you align your personal values and goals with your financial decisions. We are your guide and support system for a balanced financial life and lasting legacy.

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Our Advisors are invested in your long term success. We work as a team behind the scenes, so even as each of us is uniquely partnered with specific clients, our individual areas of expertise are available to every client's particular situation.

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Since 2005 we’ve helped our clients protect and grow their assets and accomplish their goals. That’s because we’ve emphasized personal relationships, with a deep commitment to sustainability and socially responsible communities that sets us apart from other advisory firms.

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Invest in Living Article

Market Commentary | October 2018

Remember Risk?

We all know that risks exist, but our feeling about a particular risk is driven by our recent experience. Even knowing that we are likely to have another big earthquake, people don’t actually prepare because they have no recent experience of it. Similarly, many investors have fallen into a false sense of diminished investment risk because of prolonged calm in the markets.

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Invest in Living Article

September 2018

Invest in Living - Invest in Community

"The longer I watch the world turn, the more interesting things get, and more clarity I have about how I should be involved." Partner and senior advisor, S. Katherine Campbell, CFP® discussess how our time is valuable, and our life choices are worth determining on our own. She looks at the current trend of FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early) and examines her own efforts of being engaged in the community.

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Best for Workers Honoree

North Berkeley Investment Partners Honored as Best For Workers, Creating Most Positive Impact for Employees

North Berkeley is recognized for creating the most positive impact for their workers based on an independent, comprehensive assessment administered by the nonprofit B Lab. We're proud to be an honoree again this year.

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Art at North Berkeley

Art at North Berkeley

November 1, 2018 - January 11, 2019

Selected work by Larraine Seiden, Lisa McCutcheon, and Karen Gallagher Iverson

Somewhere between our senses and physical reality our feelings, memories, and perceptions work to derive meaning from the world. Larraine Seiden, Lisa McCutcheon, and Karen Gallagher Iverson explore the layers of meaning between us and the world through profoundly personal art. Each uses refined and multi-disciplinary techniques to examine not only what they see, but also the intangibles of life, be that the vulnerability of chickens, the chaos of contemporary life, or the feeling of place in a landscape.

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