Socially Responsible Investing

Many of our clients want to make sure that the industries and companies they are invested in are responsible with our natural resources, and don't exploit people. Given your preferences, we can introduce a moderate level of social screening in your portfolio, and want you to feel satisfied that your investments are being made in accordance with both your financial goals and your values.

A moderate level of social screening can enhance many clients' satisfaction and success regarding their investing - without sacrificing much, if any, return on their investment. In some cases, however, social screening prevents your ownership of a significant subset of asset classes, which in turn can impair our ability to deliver for you on your financial goals.

We want to develop screened portfolios in close dialogue with you to ensure we are meeting our fiduciary duty to you, to prudently recommend investments and manage your assets, at the same time that we are building the right customized portfolio.

We also do ongoing research and monitoring of the emerging ‘slow money' and sustainable investment space as it develops, and will recommend specific vehicles as they become available.